As the summer nears its end and days are becoming shorter, your lawn is beginning it’s transition into winter dormancy. You may notice a reduction in color as the plant reduces leaf blade growth and begins storing energy in its roots to survive the winter. It is important during this transition to assist your lawn in this process. There are several things you can do now to help produce a healthy fall lawn.

The Greenery

First, be sure to not over fertilizize with high amounts of Nitrogen late in the season. We all like dark green lawns, but forcing this with too much fertilizer can be detrimental to overall plant health. Instead, allow your lawn to transition naturally. At The Greenery we fertilize our turf between late September and the end of October using an approximate 1:1:4 (N:P:K) ratio.

Now is also a good time for a pre-emergent application to prevent fall germinating weeds such as POA and Garlic.

Lastly, REDUCE irrigation. Overwatering going into the fall develops fungus and can lead to reduced plant health. For more gardening tips, follow us on Facebook