4 Elements for Better Homeowner Association Landscaping

Landscape services for a Homeowners Association, or HOA, can be costly and labor-intensive. Most HOAs want the entire neighborhood to look amazing: to achieve those results while maintaining a budget, prioritize 4 key elements in your landscape plan to get the most for your investment of time and money.

Identify Key Areas

With summer almost here, prioritizing areas of focus is critical to achieve a great look that most HOAs want.

Add some “wow” to the community entrance(s). The front entrance defines the level of quality that will be maintained throughout the community. A strong seasonal color display will provide impact and visual interest for residents and guests alike. Fresh mulch or pine straw should be used throughout the year to keep this area looking crisp.

Another area of focus is the community or amenity center. The landscaping should be inviting, welcoming people to the common space for activities, meetings, and relaxation, making it a place where the community residents want to gather and share the experience of being neighbors.

Choose Plants and Shrubs Carefully

To cut down on plant and shrub turnover, it’s essential to choose the right plantings from the very start. A professional landscape company like The Greenery, Inc. will design, install, and maintain a healthy landscape suitable for your regional climate that will complement the space where they are located – making your community inviting and attractive. 

Cut Down on Water Use

Save money by saving water.  A big expense for every HOA is irrigation of landscaped areas. Cutting down on water use can include installing native, drought-resistant elements and upgrading your current irrigation system to one that’s more efficient.  The Greenery, Inc. uses the latest technology in their irrigation systems and partners with Weathermatics to offer sophisticated irrigation systems for maximum water conservancy.

Choose the Right Landscape Company

Partnering with the right landscaping company can make all the difference when it comes to your HOA landscaping. A company with experience in community common areas, native plants, and proper lawn and landscape maintenance can improve the look of your landscaped areas while saving you money Focusing on these four elements will create a landscape plan for your HOA that will attract residents and respect your budget. It’s time for your HOA to consider a better landscape company. Contact The Greenery, Inc. today to find out how we can help you make smart decisions for your HOA landscaping.