Make An Impact On The Planet


As consumers become more ecologically conscious and climate change becomes an increasingly “hot” topic, we want you to know about many of the innovative sustainable strategies we employ at The Greenery, Inc.

It’s no secret that as members of the “green” industry, we have the privilege of making our world a greener, more beautiful place. Heck, it is literally in our NAME!  It’s our job to have Mother Earth in our hands most of every day. There are loads of opportunities for us to be more sustainable, from how we design landscapes, and how we work, to the tools we use. Sustainability shouldn’t create an additional burden—in fact, it should actually lessen our work. From climate change to water shortages to the increasing pollution of our air and water, we have the power to make a positive impact on the planet. Even small improvements we make today can help our waterways, communities, and, ultimately the world, become a better place for the next generation of humans AND wildlife.

UNDERSTAND HOW DESIGN AFFECTS MAINTENANCE. A professional landscape company will oversee and recommend the design and installation of plantings complimentary to your property.  At The Greenery, we can advise the best plant material indigenous to the area with a focus on visual appeal, and watering needs, including natural plantings to minimize stormwater runoff.

CONSERVE WATER. Water has become an ever more in-demand resource, particularly with parts of the western U.S. suffering extreme drought. It’s important to be mindful of water use, from the planting design to the mechanics of irrigation systems. Plants in a soggy area should have deep roots to soak up the water, and for dry areas, be sure to select drought-tolerant plants. You can also collect rainwater, as well as use a rain sensor to ensure plants are not being over-watered. At The Greenery, Inc we use the latest water-saving smart irrigation controllers. We can manage one or a thousand irrigation controllers, quickly, affordably and with ease. This technology reduces water usage and offers financial savings for our customers.

USE GREEN POWER. The Greenery is an industry leader when it comes to innovative green landscaping technology. We use state of the art robotic mowers, battery operated blowers, trimmers and weed eaters, as well as GPS tracking devices. We opt for using battery-powered tools over gas powered whenever possible since battery-powered equipment can now compete with gas-powered equipment in run times and efficiency. Battery-powered robotic mowers are the hottest development in the industry and we use them on highway mowing for safety purposes, as well as on difficult slope areas and on lagoon banks. Most robotic mowers are also significantly quieter and can operate at all hours of the day or night. This is especially beneficial in resort or residential areas that require quiet hours, such as tennis courts, swimming pools, hotel rooms and spas.

KNOW YOUR SOIL.  Our in-the-field service plans start with your soil. We can discuss testing your soil BEFORE coming up with a design and selecting plants. This will ensure an installation that is matched to the soil type and doesn’t require excavating, replacing with a non-native soil, or treating with chemicals in order to get the plants to thrive. In areas where you may have a shortage of water or no irrigation, opt for drought-resistant plants. There is nothing worse than watching your beautiful, hand-selected plants wither and die because they weren’t planted in the proper soil for them, or they didn’t get enough water.

ENCOURAGE WILDLIFE. Save the honeybees! Did you know that native plants are essential to feed native species? Utilizing native plants in your landscape will help beneficial insects, birds, and wildlife stay in balance with nature. Design plantings that will attract dragonflies to eat those pesky mosquitoes or that will attract pollinators like birds, butterflies, and bees. Additionally, more native planting can increase the water absorbed on a property, as well as encourage wildlife.


AMELIA ISLAND, FL. – The Greenery, Inc. recently announced the acquisition of Amelia Island-based Martex Services Landscape Management. This acquisition will allow Martex Services as a division of The Greenery, Inc. to grow into the leading premier landscape provider in the greater Amelia Island/Jacksonville market while continuing to provide an extraordinary level of commercial landscape services to resorts and hotels, office parks, and distinguished gated communities of northeast Florida.

Left to right:  Rob Martinez, N. Florida Regional Manager, The Greenery; Thomas Livingston, President, Martex Services, Inc.   Lee Edwards, Greenery CEO; Ken Thomas, Vice President of Operations, The Greenery, Inc. 

“The team at Martex Services is excited about this new relationship working with The Greenery,” said Tom Livingston, President of Martex Services, Inc. “Our employees are staying on board and will continue to work hard to preserve our long-standing reputation in the community for the very best landscaping services.”

Over the past 50 years, The Greenery has grown into one of the largest and most respected landscaping companies in the Southeast. As an employee-owned company, The Greenery has flourished to over 850 employee-owners and continues to grow with this acquisition. Employee ownership and investing in their people have proven to be the catalyst for gaining a successful position as a thriving leader in the landscaping industry.

“A strong connection between The Greenery, Inc. and Martex Services is longevity. Each business started in 1973, with both companies thriving through a reputation for superior work and customer satisfaction,” stated Lee Edwards, CEO of The Greenery, Inc. “We look forward to continuing to provide quality landscape services to the people and businesses of Amelia Island and Jacksonville.”

The Greenery offers comprehensive landscaping services to commercial customers. The Greenery has been a principal business in the South Carolina Lowcountry since 1973 and is proud to be an employee-owned company for the past 12 years. They have received many awards and accolades for customer service and were recently listed as one of the Top 30 landscape companies in the nation by Lawn & Landscape magazine and Landscape Management magazine.

Martex Services will now operate under the leadership of The Greenery, Inc. The leadership team will work closely with Martex, their preexisting management, and their employees over the next several months to ensure a smooth transition.

For more information about The Greenery, Inc., visit or call the Amelia Island branch at 904-261- 5364 or the main corporate office (843)785-3848.