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The Greenery is a full service landscape company that has been successfully operating since 1973.  We specialize in landscape installation, landscape maintenance, irrigation, landscape lighting, flatwork hardscape and much more.  The Greenery is the leading landscape provider throughout the markets we serve and is recognized as an industry leader currently ranked the 29th largest landscape firm in the nation.

At The Greenery we are all driven by a common mission; “To be the best landscape company in the markets we serve”.  As a company, we specialize in comprehensive landscape construction and maintenance programs for commercial and residential clients.  We focus on projects requiring attention to detail, complex construction and full service maintenance.  Our licensed and certified staff gives us a competitive edge as we provide technical services on your property.

The Greenery has a very broad base of clients, all with different specifications, expectations and required levels of service.  Our company portfolio includes the landscape management and landscape installation for exclusive resorts, gated communities, HOA’s, POA’s, hotels, multi- family communities, municipalities, hospitals, mechanical sweeping, aquatic management and residential maintenance.

We earn the trust of our clients by building long term partnerships and by providing quality and service that exceed their expectations.

The Greenery


Beautiful lush landscapes make people happy. Whether it is the entrance to your community, office building where you work or the hotel you stay in while on vacation, we want to enhance your life by providing beautiful landscaping.

Employee Owned


The success of the company is attributed the strong foundation we have built around our core values.  We believe in them, we promote them and practice them.

  • Culture of Safety – Our people are our most valuable asset
  • Employee Owned – We all have an ownership mentality
  • Quality, Production and Service – Our commitment to our clients
  • Community Responsibility – Strong community ties provides sustainability for our company and our people
  • Continuous Pursuit of Improvement – To be the best landscape company in the markets we serve
  • Growing Tradition – Product, Company, Personally, Professionally – We continue to develop our people, our company culture and innovative spirit
The Greenery Savannah


What matters to you matters to us…

  • 100% Employee Owned
  • High Ranking Safety Standards
  • Beautiful, Quality Landscape Services
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Customized Communication
  • Customer Satisfaction
The Greenery Savannah

Enhancing Peoples Lives Through Beautiful Landscaping

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This is an employee owned business. They operate several functions including landscape, hardscape, retail and consulting. Very customer oriented.

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