Employee Ownership


At The Greenery we have a tradition of growing plants, trees, and grass in the landscape, but more importantly, we are also growing the careers of our employee owners. Our employee owned teams have the opportunity for personal and professional growth, a fulfilling career, and a means to support their family. When it is time for our employees to retire, the stock they have earned contributes to a rewarding retirement. 

Upon his retirement, the founder of The Greenery, Berry Edwards, planned for long term growth and rewards for employees by establishing an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan).  

100% Employee Owned

As a 100% employee owned company, all employees from the senior management team to the crews in the field earn ownership in the company.  Everyone has a vested interest in the quality and services we provide and the overall success of our company.  Employee ownership distinguishes us from our competitors and fosters an environment that draws some of the best people in the industry to our company.  Because everyone has ownership in the company, our team cares about our clients, our fellow employees, and the company we are a part of.

Working for The Greenery is more than just a job.  It is a lifelong career with a company that values each employee, promotes continuing education, training, personal growth and advancement.  When you join a company that is pioneering the future of the industry, opportunities are unlimited.

Enhancing Peoples Lives Through Beautiful Landscaping

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The Greenery is taking care of over 250 acres at Daniel Island. They run a tight ship. Daniel Island is growing and they continue to meet the needs.

J. Baker, Daniel Island