4 Ways Robotic Lawnmowers Improve Your Lawn and Your Life

Several years ago, the Greenery started investigating robotic mowers to supplement our regular mowing operations. There have been significant improvements in robotics technology recently which really makes them a great alternative to routine weekly mowing with the traditional human touch for certain applications. We incorporate them into our routine service wherever it will improve the quality of our service.

We tested many different robotic mowers before we chose the Husqvarna automower series. Their company’s technology was far ahead of the competition, and our technicians can easily set schedules and other controls from a phone app. Each mower has multiple safety features to keep your property as safe as possible, including on-board lasers used to avoid people, pets, and obstacles.  

There are at least 4 ways that The Greenery’s robotic mowers will improve your property as well as your life.

  1. Better Quality / Better Looking Turf for Your Property

Robotic mowers work best when programmed to trim a few times per week. They cut just a small amount of grass each time they mow; like giving the turf a touch-up haircut. The tiny clippings fall back into the dirt and provide additional nutrients to the soil. The frequent trimming helps stimulate the turf’s root system which develops a healthier, lush lawn.

2. Quiet and Unobtrusive Operations

Robotic mowers are battery-powered, so they are extremely quiet. In fact, your air conditioner makes more noise than a robotic mower. We often use them near a community’s amenity center where folks are playing tennis or pickle ball and relaxing by the pool. No more noise pollution or workers distracting you from your activities.

3. Less Impact On Your Life

One of the nicer features of our Automowers are the laser light guidance, allowing them to work quietly even in the middle of the night when they will have less impact on your activities. In fact, one of our clients has a softball field that is in use from sun-up to sun-down, and they could not stop the activities for our regular crew to mow during daylight hours. We programmed automowers to come out in the middle of the night and cut the grass on the field. Now, there is no down time and the field always looks sharp. Win Win!

An entire softball field maintained by robotic mowers

4. Automowers Work Rain or Shine

So often with rainy weather, schedules must be adjusted so that our crews can come back and mow another day – typically on sunny days when you want to enjoy your lawn and garden. Our automowers function even in the rain. But we can also reschedule them with just a few clicks in the app, and they will wait for the next dry opportunity to trim your lawn.

When you search the web for “lawn services near me,” be sure to look for commercial lawn care services that are forward-thinking and embracing new, innovative technologies and safety features. The Greenery has pioneered the use of robotic mowers in Hilton Head, Beaufort, Bluffton, Savannah, and our landscaping companies In South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. We have also invested in other great technologies like quieter battery-operated equipment, water-saving irrigation controllers, plant growth regulators, and more. All these innovations have great benefits to our clients and help us enhance people’s lives through beautiful landscaping.