Park Turf Bounces Back Beautifully with the Help of The Greenery Commercial Landscaping

Every July, thousands of people descend upon Beaufort’s Waterfront Park for a week of festivities known as the Beaufort Water Festival. It is one of the largest events in the Lowcountry that takes place right here in Beaufort, SC. Each year since 1956, the event has grown, drawing visitors from all over the country to enjoy the beauty that Beaufort’s waterfront park has to offer.

The Greenery, one of the leading landscape companies in South Carolina and the Southeast, has supervised the landscape and lawn care for the Beaufort Waterfront Park since 2011. Each year, our crews work hard to make the turf and the landscape of the park look breathtaking for the festival and its visitors.

Visitors enjoy the arts & crafts booths, the annual raft race, the bocce tournament, the concerts, and the nightly themed dinners. During the festival, thousands of people pound the waterfront park turf with hundreds of thousands of footsteps, strollers, and even vehicles. By the time the festival ends with the Commodore’s Ball, the Blessing of the Fleet, and the Parade of Boats – the turf has taken a torturous beating.

“This turf was heavily damaged and looking very rough (seen below) after two weeks of traffic from the Beaufort Water Festival,” said Miles Graves, Regional Manager of The Greenery Commercial Landscaping Companies. “Our team made a miraculous turn around in just two weeks! Awesome job in pre and post event planning and execution.”

Brandon Duitsman, the Branch Manager of The Greenery in Beaufort, along with his dedicated crew, got to work immediately to repair the damage done to the turf along the waterfront.

For the 2 weeks of the festival, the irrigation in the waterfront park is turned off. Between the hot summer temperatures and the foot traffic from all the people attending the festival, the Bermuda turf is subjected to very high stress. As soon as the festival ended, The Greenery crew turned the irrigation back on and started the process of healing the turf. On Thursday July 29, our Plant Health Care team applied a turf fertilizer and instantly watered the turf so the fertilizer would soak into the soil and not sit on top of the grass and burn it. The results of the expert services from The Greenery are evident in the following photos.

The turf bounced back beautifully and all it took was proper irrigation management, some fertilizer and attention to detail, along with the expertise and hard work that The Greenery crew puts into each job. We are already looking forward to next year’s Water Festival and hope you will join us!

Make An Impact On The Planet


As consumers become more ecologically conscious and climate change becomes an increasingly “hot” topic, we want you to know about many of the innovative sustainable strategies we employ at The Greenery, Inc.

It’s no secret that as members of the “green” industry, we have the privilege of making our world a greener, more beautiful place. Heck, it is literally in our NAME!  It’s our job to have Mother Earth in our hands most of every day. There are loads of opportunities for us to be more sustainable, from how we design landscapes, and how we work, to the tools we use. Sustainability shouldn’t create an additional burden—in fact, it should actually lessen our work. From climate change to water shortages to the increasing pollution of our air and water, we have the power to make a positive impact on the planet. Even small improvements we make today can help our waterways, communities, and, ultimately the world, become a better place for the next generation of humans AND wildlife.

UNDERSTAND HOW DESIGN AFFECTS MAINTENANCE. A professional landscape company will oversee and recommend the design and installation of plantings complimentary to your property.  At The Greenery, we can advise the best plant material indigenous to the area with a focus on visual appeal, and watering needs, including natural plantings to minimize stormwater runoff.

CONSERVE WATER. Water has become an ever more in-demand resource, particularly with parts of the western U.S. suffering extreme drought. It’s important to be mindful of water use, from the planting design to the mechanics of irrigation systems. Plants in a soggy area should have deep roots to soak up the water, and for dry areas, be sure to select drought-tolerant plants. You can also collect rainwater, as well as use a rain sensor to ensure plants are not being over-watered. At The Greenery, Inc we use the latest water-saving smart irrigation controllers. We can manage one or a thousand irrigation controllers, quickly, affordably and with ease. This technology reduces water usage and offers financial savings for our customers.

USE GREEN POWER. The Greenery is an industry leader when it comes to innovative green landscaping technology. We use state of the art robotic mowers, battery operated blowers, trimmers and weed eaters, as well as GPS tracking devices. We opt for using battery-powered tools over gas powered whenever possible since battery-powered equipment can now compete with gas-powered equipment in run times and efficiency. Battery-powered robotic mowers are the hottest development in the industry and we use them on highway mowing for safety purposes, as well as on difficult slope areas and on lagoon banks. Most robotic mowers are also significantly quieter and can operate at all hours of the day or night. This is especially beneficial in resort or residential areas that require quiet hours, such as tennis courts, swimming pools, hotel rooms and spas.

KNOW YOUR SOIL.  Our in-the-field service plans start with your soil. We can discuss testing your soil BEFORE coming up with a design and selecting plants. This will ensure an installation that is matched to the soil type and doesn’t require excavating, replacing with a non-native soil, or treating with chemicals in order to get the plants to thrive. In areas where you may have a shortage of water or no irrigation, opt for drought-resistant plants. There is nothing worse than watching your beautiful, hand-selected plants wither and die because they weren’t planted in the proper soil for them, or they didn’t get enough water.

ENCOURAGE WILDLIFE. Save the honeybees! Did you know that native plants are essential to feed native species? Utilizing native plants in your landscape will help beneficial insects, birds, and wildlife stay in balance with nature. Design plantings that will attract dragonflies to eat those pesky mosquitoes or that will attract pollinators like birds, butterflies, and bees. Additionally, more native planting can increase the water absorbed on a property, as well as encourage wildlife.


AMELIA ISLAND, FL. – The Greenery, Inc. recently announced the acquisition of Amelia Island-based Martex Services Landscape Management. This acquisition will allow Martex Services as a division of The Greenery, Inc. to grow into the leading premier landscape provider in the greater Amelia Island/Jacksonville market while continuing to provide an extraordinary level of commercial landscape services to resorts and hotels, office parks, and distinguished gated communities of northeast Florida.

Left to right:  Rob Martinez, N. Florida Regional Manager, The Greenery; Thomas Livingston, President, Martex Services, Inc.   Lee Edwards, Greenery CEO; Ken Thomas, Vice President of Operations, The Greenery, Inc. 

“The team at Martex Services is excited about this new relationship working with The Greenery,” said Tom Livingston, President of Martex Services, Inc. “Our employees are staying on board and will continue to work hard to preserve our long-standing reputation in the community for the very best landscaping services.”

Over the past 50 years, The Greenery has grown into one of the largest and most respected landscaping companies in the Southeast. As an employee-owned company, The Greenery has flourished to over 850 employee-owners and continues to grow with this acquisition. Employee ownership and investing in their people have proven to be the catalyst for gaining a successful position as a thriving leader in the landscaping industry.

“A strong connection between The Greenery, Inc. and Martex Services is longevity. Each business started in 1973, with both companies thriving through a reputation for superior work and customer satisfaction,” stated Lee Edwards, CEO of The Greenery, Inc. “We look forward to continuing to provide quality landscape services to the people and businesses of Amelia Island and Jacksonville.”

The Greenery offers comprehensive landscaping services to commercial customers. The Greenery has been a principal business in the South Carolina Lowcountry since 1973 and is proud to be an employee-owned company for the past 12 years. They have received many awards and accolades for customer service and were recently listed as one of the Top 30 landscape companies in the nation by Lawn & Landscape magazine and Landscape Management magazine.

Martex Services will now operate under the leadership of The Greenery, Inc. The leadership team will work closely with Martex, their preexisting management, and their employees over the next several months to ensure a smooth transition.

For more information about The Greenery, Inc., visit or call the Amelia Island branch at 904-261- 5364 or the main corporate office (843)785-3848.

3 Things Every Home Owner’s Association (HOA) Should Consider When Hiring a Landscaper

If you’re an HOA, it’s critical to ask all the right questions when it’s time to hire a new landscaping company. Read on to learn the top three things you should consider.

1: Communication and Professionalism

Many neighborhoods have similar landscaping needs, especially those with an HOA. What sets a commercial landscaping company apart is their ability to become a trusted advisor to your HOA. They should be able to communicate effectively with the HOA, including responding promptly to requests and inquiries. Professionalism at all levels is important. Proper licensing, experience, and knowledge about the level of your property needs is crucial. Well-maintained equipment and professional attire with high safety standards should also be a given.

2: Experience & Knowledge

Any landscaping team can mow the grass, but if you’re hiring a company to manage an entire community, you want them to have the appropriate experience. They also need to have enough resources, including people and equipment to get the job done on time and on budget. A strong company will have on staff many horticulturists, designers, and licensed experts so they know exactly what is needed on your property. Research the company’s references and speak with our customers. It’s a great way to determine if they are the right fit for your community.

The Greenery Hilton Head Island

3: Cost

You want to manage your community budget responsibly. While cost shouldn’t be your only consideration, it certainly is a key factor in hiring a commercial landscaping firm. Discuss detailed costs with any landscape company you’re considering, making sure they can meet your goals while staying within budget. Most reputable and established landscaping companies can help you develop a 3 to 5-year plan for regular maintenance and capital improvements. Do your due diligence, and you’ll be sure to end up with the results you want.

Don’t cut corners when hiring a landscape company for the community your HOA board is responsible for. Start your search with the reliable and experienced team at The Greenery.

6 Ways A Good Landscape Partner Will Make Your Job Easier

In many POAs and HOAs, decision makers must balance the unique needs of their communities with time and budget constraints. Partnering with an expert is a worthwhile investment with a huge reward, and is a cost-effective investment that saves time and money while accomplishing your landscaping goals.

Overall, a good landscape specialist will:

  1. Provide a thorough assessment in the beginning and ongoing support

  2. Offer Ideas and solutions for your landscape challenges

  3. Conduct routine audits to make sure your landscape is thriving and meets your goals

  4. Discuss your budget and provide services and products that meet that budget

  5. Offer suggestions for enhancements

  6. Provide you with a 3-5 year plan

One of the first things your new landscape specialist will do is assess your property, alongside your needs and goals. They will then suggest a variety of cost-effective landscaping options, individually suited for you. They might propose anything from new plants to different or upgraded irrigation systems – all designed to keep costs down while maintaining visual appeal. Together, you can choose the option that best fits your budget, tastes, and any other guidelines. You also might work together on a budget before doing anything else. An expert will be able to work within your budget and suggest different ways to get the most for your money.

A good landscaper is not just there at the beginning of a new project – they will carry out regular assessments moving forward, checking on the progress of work and adjusting plans to meet your desired results. They will carry out routine audits, making sure everything remains within your budget, or making budget adjustments as needed. They may suggest enhancements to your custom plan at some point along the way, and work to include these changes in your original budget.

Investing in a landscaping partnership will pay off again and again long down the road. An expert can propose a 3 – 5 year capital plan for any POA or HOA at the onset of your work together. They will implement the proper instruments to get started, and then work continuously to make sure your individual goals are being met. A good landscape partner can streamline this process for you by implementing a plan that maximizes beauty and minimizes common pitfalls, saving you untold sums of money in the long run.

With their expertise by your side, you can be confident knowing that your neighborhood landscaping budget and beauty are in good hands.

3 Reasons Why Choosing the Right Commercial Landscaper Is Key

Here are some of the unbeatable perks you should expect:

  1. Innovative Landscaping Technologies

Have you ever tried to maneuver a mower on a steep hill? Some lawns are trickier to mow and edge than others. The best landscapers for commercial work don’t just rely on traditional mowers and equipment. Instead, they utilize the latest technology to get the job done right. Now trending in landscape maintenance are robotic mowers that streamline the process and ensure precise, picture-perfect results.

Worried about water costs? Smart irrigation systems, like Weathermatic©, track every ounce of water. You’ll enjoy green grass without overpaying for water!

2. Trusted Horticulturists on Staff

Which plants will thrive best on your commercial property? Only a skilled horticulturist has the training to answer this question with confidence. A reputable landscaping company should have a horticulturist on staff. They will handle fertilization, weed control, and disease prevention to keep your plants healthy.

3. Emergency Storm Recovery Services

Mother Nature is unpredictable. A sudden storm can tear apart your once pristine landscaping in a matter of minutes. It’s wise to first focus on clearing the road from fallen trees and debris. This ensures residents, just like you, can return back to their properties as quick as possible. After recover, getting with the right landscaper for quotes on bringing your property back to normal is key.  

The Greenery, Inc. has the tools and services necessary to keep your property healthy, thriving, and beautiful all year long. Plus, we can provide a long-term plan for essential capital improvements. Get in touch with our experts to discover why we are the right landscaper for your commercial property needs.

4 Elements for Better Homeowner Association Landscaping

Landscape services for a Homeowners Association, or HOA, can be costly and labor-intensive. Most HOAs want the entire neighborhood to look amazing: to achieve those results while maintaining a budget, prioritize 4 key elements in your landscape plan to get the most for your investment of time and money.

Identify Key Areas

With summer almost here, prioritizing areas of focus is critical to achieve a great look that most HOAs want.

Add some “wow” to the community entrance(s). The front entrance defines the level of quality that will be maintained throughout the community. A strong seasonal color display will provide impact and visual interest for residents and guests alike. Fresh mulch or pine straw should be used throughout the year to keep this area looking crisp.

Another area of focus is the community or amenity center. The landscaping should be inviting, welcoming people to the common space for activities, meetings, and relaxation, making it a place where the community residents want to gather and share the experience of being neighbors.

Choose Plants and Shrubs Carefully

To cut down on plant and shrub turnover, it’s essential to choose the right plantings from the very start. A professional landscape company like The Greenery, Inc. will design, install, and maintain a healthy landscape suitable for your regional climate that will complement the space where they are located – making your community inviting and attractive. 

Cut Down on Water Use

Save money by saving water.  A big expense for every HOA is irrigation of landscaped areas. Cutting down on water use can include installing native, drought-resistant elements and upgrading your current irrigation system to one that’s more efficient.  The Greenery, Inc. uses the latest technology in their irrigation systems and partners with Weathermatics to offer sophisticated irrigation systems for maximum water conservancy.

Choose the Right Landscape Company

Partnering with the right landscaping company can make all the difference when it comes to your HOA landscaping. A company with experience in community common areas, native plants, and proper lawn and landscape maintenance can improve the look of your landscaped areas while saving you money Focusing on these four elements will create a landscape plan for your HOA that will attract residents and respect your budget. It’s time for your HOA to consider a better landscape company. Contact The Greenery, Inc. today to find out how we can help you make smart decisions for your HOA landscaping.


To Prune or Not To Prune

To prune or not to prune – unfortunately that is not the only question. How much, how little, when and exactly how? These are also important things to consider before you pull those clippers out and start hacking away like Edward Scissorhands. The best thing to do is consultant a professional…and that’s where we come in.

Our trained professionals at The Greenery will first take inventory of the shrubs, plants or trees around the property to decide which pruning route to take. Before any pruning takes place, our specialists will consider the reason the plant needs pruning and what the final goal will be. Also, timing is essential. That’s why its always advantageous to consult a professional before you prune because once the pruning takes place – there isn’t an “undo” button.


Corrective pruning helps to control the direction and thickness of a plant, tree or shrub. It’s important to start pruning while plants are young to maintain their natural form and avoid the need for drastic corrective pruning later. Corrective pruning can be an essential way to keep many species of trees, plants and shrubs healthy year round.

One example of corrective pruning is thinning a tree or large shrub to allow light to penetrate the plant more effectively. This will result in a healthier plant and more flowers the following season. If you can’t see the sunlight through the leaves of your tree – that may mean it needs some corrective pruning.

Through the removal of dead or damaged limbs, corrective pruning can allow for trees to continue growing efficiently. Our goal is to improve the structural integrity of the tree leading to a longer, healthier lifespan.


If your property is being swallowed up by overgrown shrubs or you look out the windows of the buildings and only see the ‘back’ of shrubs? Then it sounds like you are in need of ‘renewal or rejuvenation pruning.’

Oftentimes, without proper landscape care, pruning can be overlooked for several years. This can cause some trees and shrubs to become overgrown, weak or even unsafe. When this happens, more drastic pruning is necessary to restore the plant’s health.

Renewal pruning can be done to promote better health, enhance the lifespan, and improve the fruiting and flowering of the plant. However, not all plants will benefit from such drastic pruning. Also the condition of the shrub will affect how it responds. Our trained professionals will identify whether a plant will survive and benefit from renewal pruning before ever making one cut.

To rejuvenate an overgrown shrub, we will generally prune it back to 12” to 24” – depending on the type of shrub. Most shrubs will begin to flush out along the exposed trunks within 6 weeks. And by mid summer, you won’t even remember those exposed ugly branches.

Renewal pruning is time consuming and can generate a lot of debris, however, it is a cost-efficient way to get the look of ‘new’ shrubs on your property. If the plants around your buildings, parks or walkways have become overgrown, renewal pruning is a great solution!

As part of our maintenance program, The Greenery’s trained professionals will examine plants, trees and shrubs on your property each year to determine whether they need pruning. And since almost every plant has a different growth habit – we know the specific method of pruning that will benefit each individual plant.

Don’t wait until it’s too late or your shrubs have been butchered! To confidently answer the why? how? and when? of pruning the plants, trees and shrubs on your property – give us a call today. We would be happy to help with the corrective or rejuvenation of your landscape to make it look more appealing to your customers and patrons!

4 Things You Can Do Right Now to Prepare Your Commercial Property for Spring & Summer

Commercial Maintenance

Spring and summer are the best time of year to highlight the curb appeal of your commercial property. But is yours ready for the change of seasons? Now is the time to prepare for spring and summer. Here are four that have the biggest impact.

#1: Landscape Maintenance

Is your landscaping looking a little wild? If it’s gotten a bit unkempt over the winter month, some essential spring maintenance can get it back under control and looking great. From your turf and grass to your ornamental shrubs, the pros can have them cleaned up and ready for your customers.

#2: Landscape Enhancements

Adding landscape elements to your commercial property can help it pop in the spring and summer. New shrubs or trees can make a huge difference in the appearance of your building or buildings. They can enhance entrances and walkways and create a welcoming space around your property.

#3: Seasonal Flowers

Nothing brightens things up like seasonal flowers. Adding annuals to the beds around your trees and shrubs, your signage, entrances, and courtyards will have a big impact.

#4: Improved Irrigation

All of the landscaping enhancements in the world won’t improve your commercial property’s appearance if you don’t have proper irrigation. Your grass, trees, shrubs, and flowers will wilt and turn brown without the right about of water. An irrigation inspection and potential upgrades can keep everything irrigated properly.

Is your commercial property ready for spring and summer? The team at The Greenery, Inc. can help. Contact them today to get your landscaping in tip-top shape.

4 Ways Robotic Lawnmowers Improve Your Lawn and Your Life

Several years ago, the Greenery started investigating robotic mowers to supplement our regular mowing operations. There have been significant improvements in robotics technology recently which really makes them a great alternative to routine weekly mowing with the traditional human touch for certain applications. We incorporate them into our routine service wherever it will improve the quality of our service.

We tested many different robotic mowers before we chose the Husqvarna automower series. Their company’s technology was far ahead of the competition, and our technicians can easily set schedules and other controls from a phone app. Each mower has multiple safety features to keep your property as safe as possible, including on-board lasers used to avoid people, pets, and obstacles.  

There are at least 4 ways that The Greenery’s robotic mowers will improve your property as well as your life.

  1. Better Quality / Better Looking Turf for Your Property

Robotic mowers work best when programmed to trim a few times per week. They cut just a small amount of grass each time they mow; like giving the turf a touch-up haircut. The tiny clippings fall back into the dirt and provide additional nutrients to the soil. The frequent trimming helps stimulate the turf’s root system which develops a healthier, lush lawn.

2. Quiet and Unobtrusive Operations

Robotic mowers are battery-powered, so they are extremely quiet. In fact, your air conditioner makes more noise than a robotic mower. We often use them near a community’s amenity center where folks are playing tennis or pickle ball and relaxing by the pool. No more noise pollution or workers distracting you from your activities.

3. Less Impact On Your Life

One of the nicer features of our Automowers are the laser light guidance, allowing them to work quietly even in the middle of the night when they will have less impact on your activities. In fact, one of our clients has a softball field that is in use from sun-up to sun-down, and they could not stop the activities for our regular crew to mow during daylight hours. We programmed automowers to come out in the middle of the night and cut the grass on the field. Now, there is no down time and the field always looks sharp. Win Win!

An entire softball field maintained by robotic mowers

4. Automowers Work Rain or Shine

So often with rainy weather, schedules must be adjusted so that our crews can come back and mow another day – typically on sunny days when you want to enjoy your lawn and garden. Our automowers function even in the rain. But we can also reschedule them with just a few clicks in the app, and they will wait for the next dry opportunity to trim your lawn.

When you search the web for “lawn services near me,” be sure to look for commercial lawn care services that are forward-thinking and embracing new, innovative technologies and safety features. The Greenery has pioneered the use of robotic mowers in Hilton Head, Beaufort, Bluffton, Savannah, and our landscaping companies In South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. We have also invested in other great technologies like quieter battery-operated equipment, water-saving irrigation controllers, plant growth regulators, and more. All these innovations have great benefits to our clients and help us enhance people’s lives through beautiful landscaping.