Saturday, October 31, 2015 | The Greenery, Inc.

Fall is upon us and along with turkey and football, we’re all inevitably enjoying cool temperatures and looking forward to the holiday season. Unfortunately during these cooler months, our landscapes are often not looking their best. Grass has gone dormant and lost its color. Trees are dropping all of their leaves (all over the yard). And ornamental shrubs are no longer blooming. You’re probably looking for a few things you can do to impress your family, showcase your house, and show how great it is to live in the south.

The Greenery

Pinestraw and mulch are both easy and cheap ways to improve the overall aesthetics of your landscape. While providing fresh new color around your house, these coverings also act as natural weed barriers guarding against those pesky winter weeds.

The Greenery

While the summer annuals have come and gone, there are many other annuals available to bring that pop of color to your pots and planters this time of year. Some of our fall favorites include Red Salvia, Marigolds, Mums, and Crotons. Pansies, Violas and ornamental cabbages. All of these plants can help bring a vibrant and instant WOW factor to your home.

The Greenery

During these cooler months, it is best to refrain from any heavy pruning of your palms. Even partially green fronds produce energy and help the tree make it through winter. Completely dead fronds and seed pods may be removed. Also avoid doing any heavy structural pruning to your Crape Myrtles. Although you may clip off the old seed pods that are within reach to give the tree a neater look. But if you are a bird lover, you may want to leave them on. These pods are a good food source for many aviary species.

Living in the Lowcountry, we have the wonderful opportunity to enjoy the outdoors during the late fall months. Take the time to slow down, relax and go outside to enjoy our beautiful community.