Selecting the Right Plants and Flowers for Your Commercial Property

Monday, April 04, 2022 | The Greenery, Inc.

Have you ever wondered how Commercial Landscape companies like The Greenery, Inc. choose what plants to use on commercial properties? While we do want plants that are aesthetically pleasing to our customers – there is a lot more to the selection process than just coordinating colors and textures. Some of the key factors that we consider are the climate of the region as well as soil, fertilization requirements, water, and drainage for the property.

At The Greenery, we rely on a guide called “plant hardiness zones” as well as our many years of expertise in the markets we serve to help make our shrub selections and other plant decisions. This helpful guide created by the USDA specifies which plants will fare well in certain geographic regions based on the average temperature and rainfall. (Although no one can fully predict Mother Nature – so it is simply used as a guide.)

Across the U.S., there are 13 different planting zones. These zones were created by analyzing the average extreme minimum temperatures in each geographic area – focusing mostly on what plants can survive winter temperatures in each region. Some states, such as Florida, can have multiple planting hardiness zones. They have 4 zones!

Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience for coastal Georgia, South Carolina and Florida planting zones to make the best choices for our clients’ commercial properties.

If there is a plant that a client requests on a property that our horticulture experts know is not the best choice – we are happy to provide multiple alternatives that can give a similar look and is appropriately suited to that particular planting zone.

Beyond the planting zones, it is also imperative to choose the correct spot for each plant on your property to assure success. Our experts take into consideration the sun exposure of each location before selecting plants and shrubs for that area. And there are many other factors as well – such as soil type, drainage, slope, and height of the plants.

With so many considerations – it’s important to make sure you trust your landscaping needs to experts that are familiar with your area and its unique qualities. The Greenery has been working in the Southeast for almost 50 years!

If you are looking for Commercial Landscape Maintenance Services for your property from a company that is knowledgeable and reliable click here to request a quote from The Greenery today.