Aquatic Management


The Greenery LLC offers full service aquatic management. We maintain neighborhood retention ponds, golf course lagoons, fishing ponds, and fountains. Our services include algae and weed control, fish stocking, fountains and aeration, bathymetry surveys and shorescaping.


Our monthly maintenance program will keep your waters looking their best year around!
Annual contracts are customized to each unique pond and lake need. We use integrated pest management (IPM) practices and incorporate biological, physical, and mechanical methods to maintain your water. While we cannot eliminate the need for chemicals in our program, by integrating other controls, we can use them more responsibly and with less frequency. Our maintenance contract includes:

  • Bi-monthly inspections March thru December and one inspection January and February with a report
  • Early detection and treatment of problematic weeds and unsightly algae with EPA registered products applied by a certified pesticide applicator
  • Custom stocking of sterile grass carp and tilapia for added weed and algae control on a pond by pond basis
  • Custom use of pond dyes for water beautification and physical control of vegetation
  • Removal of small debris along shorelines
  • Can include regular maintenance on fountains and aerators


Early detection, correct identification, and proper treatment are all key factors to environmentally sound successful control of unsightly and invasive vegetation.  We do not solely rely on chemical herbicides and pesticides for control. We can identify the types of vegetation and suggest plant eating fish like grass carp and tilapia for biological controls. We can also monitor and change the water’s physical chemistry to reduce the amount of overall growth. These physical controls include dyes to darken the water and prevent sunlight penetration as well as controlling the amount of available nutrients to the plants and algae. Mechanical removal of the plant material may also be the most effective and immediate option of control.

Aquatics Management
Commercial Maintenance


We offer fish stocking for all needs from weed control to game fishing. Let us evaluate your pond or lake fish population and design a stocking solution for you.  Full service delivery and stocking of:

  • Triploid Grass Carp
  • Blue Tilapia
  • Bass
  • Beam
  • Catfish


Dissolved oxygen is the most important factor in your water’s health. High oxygen levels promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria and phytoplankton. This allows your pond to “digest” the pollutants and organic matter in runoff and will keep your water clean and clear.

Fountains will not only keep your waters oxygenated but can add aesthetics, turning your pond or lake into an instant water feature. Floating fountains are easy to install and can be equipped with lights to add a nighttime attraction. Let us design a plan to fit your pond and maximize you results. We offer leasing options as well as maintenance plans, sales, and installation services.

Another aeration option is the bottom diffuser. This is a disc or air stone that is placed on the bottom of the pond and releases millions of small bubbles of air supplied by a compressor mounted on the bank. These systems are very efficient, have low visibility, maintain a natural look for you pond, and have no electrical components in the water. They work best in deeper water and may need to be placed in several locations depending on the size and shape of the pond.


We provide bathymetric surveys to give you a snapshot of what your lake or pond looks like under the surface. Basically put, bathymetry is a measurement of depths, but when combined with highly accurate GPS, we can create an exact model of the lake or pond’s environment.

This is the first step in answering a number of questions pertaining to the setup and maintenance of your lake or pond.
We utilize these surveys to:

  • Create accurate maps of surface area, and 3D models of the water body’s floor
  • Calculate water volume for storm-water requirements
  • Estimate pre-dredge and post-dredge verification
  • Identify different sediment types and how much is accumulating.
  • Map out aquatic vegetation to develop management programs.
  • Provide aeration sizing and placement
  • Recommend artificial fish habitat placement


The design of a shorescape  will enhance the pond’s aesthetics and the community’s interaction with their water resources. And, while turfgrass all the way down to the water’s edge can look nice and provide access to the water, having a diverse shorescape of ornamental grasses, shrubs, and aquatic plants is much more suited to maintaining the health and function of your pond and its bank. A well designed and implemented shorescape will use native and ornamental vegetation to mitigate many common issues with pond maintenance including, erosion, water quality, nuisance weeds and algae, and wildlife.


Some specific aquatic management goals we can address are:

  • Erosion correction with plants that have a more robust root system than turf
  • Increase water quality by mitigating nutrient loading and improve the pond’s “filter”
  • Decrease invasive shoreline weeds by introducing native competition
  • Attract beneficial wildlife like birds and pollinators
  • Add color and interest along the bank and direct traffic to desired areas

Contact us to bring your landscaping visions to reality.