Innovative Technology


The Greenery is an industry leader in innovative landscaping technology. We use the latest technologies, such as robotic mowers, water saving smart irrigation controllers, plant growth regulators, GPS tracking devices, and battery-operated blowers, trimmers, and weed eaters. All of these combine to make The Greenery more efficient and better equipped to manage your property.


Robotic mowers are the hottest development in the industry. We use robotic mowers on highway mowing for safety purposes, on difficult slope areas, and on lagoon banks.

We use battery-operated robotic mowers that are quiet, efficient, and operate at all hours of the day or night. This is especially beneficial in resort or residential areas that require quiet hours, such as tennis courts, swimming pools, hotel rooms, and spas.



Another innovation we promote is smart water conservation. We can manage one or one thousand irrigation controllers quickly, affordably and with ease. This technology reduces water usage and offers financial savings for your property.

Contact us to bring your landscaping visions to reality with The Greenery’s innovative landscaping technology.