Landscaping services are at the heart of what The Greenery is all about. Our team of over 800 individuals, with a fleet of proven and new technologies, makes up a commercial landscaping force that is pledged to enhancing your business through beautiful landscaping.

We maintain commercial landscapes ranging from small office spaces and retail complexes to world-class resorts, apartment complexes, business districts, city parks, military bases, and more.

Every commercial landscape is different. Each property has its own unique challenges, and they vary from season to season. That’s why The Greenery works with you to customize a landscaping service maintenance plan that fits your unique needs, schedule, and budget.

Landscaping Services

Enhancing Peoples Lives Through Beautiful Landscaping

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The Greenery has the experience, knowledge, and resources to handle everything you need. Big or small. They do all the landscaping for The Heritage golf tournament every year. Need anymore be said?

Billy G.