Friday, November 30, 2012 | The Greenery, Inc.

We received the Grand Award in the 2012 Environmental Improvement Awards this October from the Professional Landcare Network (PLANET).  The Greenery won the program’s highest national award for its impressive commitment to environmental stewardship at Palmetto Bluff.

Lee Edwards, CEO of The Greenery Inc., commented “It’s such an honor for The Greenery to be awarded at this high level. It’s a great example of our employees’ strong work ethic and pride they take in their jobs, as well as the great partnership with all of the people we work with at Palmetto Bluff.”

The Greenery Inc. has been the landscape maintenance company  for Palmetto Bluff since the community was first developed in 2000. Our dedicated crew addresses all landscaping and irrigation maintenance needs of this vast and bustling luxury resort and neighborhood, working closely with Palmetto Bluff’s staff. Great lengths are taken by The Greenery’s staff to be environmentally minded in the maintenance of the land, performing much of the maintenance by hand to create the desired natural look without being intrusive of the guests and residents.  

Dallas Wood, Land Development Manager for Palmetto Bluff says, “At Palmetto Bluff, we pride ourselves on land conservation.  The Greenery’s professional staff maintains our landscape while keeping the natural appeal of the Bluff’s breathtaking views.”

This hard work and dedication by The Greenery’s employees provides the guests and residents of Palmetto Bluff an ideal location to enjoy the amenities and beauty of the land. Edwards gives a special thank you to Miles Graves, Keith Sheeley, Ronald Vargas, Clay Kinard and the rest of the crew that make such a huge difference at Palmetto Bluff.